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Our 100% French design barrier mask, AIR PROTEX , has been developed to provide a real effective, economical and sustainable protection solution to fight against the COVID-19 health crisis.


Initially designed in the form of the famous 3-Ply mask , meeting the recommendations of AFNOR " SPEC S76-001: 2020 ", this same pattern, combined with the recommendations of the Grenoble University Hospital, have been improved to create our two new ranges: THE ORIGINAL and NEWSHAPE . Today we are proud to present them to you. Our three ranges have all the same technical characteristics (materials used, innovations ...) and meet the standard in force in the manufacture of barrier masks.

Unlike a conventional fabric mask, the AIR PROTEX mask was designed by integrating directly inside the textile, an additional non-woven layer, meltblown, of medical grade in order to avoid any infiltration of fine particles "PM: 0, 3µm ”including viruses by projection.


On the other hand, the technological innovations developed by one of the world leaders in textiles have been directly incorporated into the AIR PROTEX mask. Among these innovations, B-GARD Technology - Water-repellent natural agent without fluorine and T-TEX Technology - Natural antibacterial agent which significantly limits the proliferation of bacteria on the inner face of the mask, thus preventing the appearance of new pathologies linked to the prolonged wearing of an ordinary fabric barrier mask.


These new specificities of AIR PROTEX guarantee both the safety of its user as well as that of the people located in its environment.


To meet the high demand for barrier mask equipment, AIR PROTEX is the solution specifically studied and adapted to meet the challenges of businesses and communities during this period of crisis. In particular thanks to:




  • Reducing the risks of infectious or respiratory pathologies linked to the prolonged or inappropriate use of a conventional protective mask.




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